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Official Name: Republic of Malta (Repubblika ta` Malta)

Location: Southern Europe, approximately 60 Miles south of Sicily (Latitude/Longitude 35 50`N, 14 35`E)

Land Area: 320 sq km (124 sq miles)

Landforms: Mostly low, rocky land with rugged, steep coastal cliffs. No mountains or rivers.

Region: Europe

Government Type: Republic

Legal System: Based on English common law and Roman civil law

Capital City: Valletta

Largest City (Population): Birkirkara (± 22,200)

Population: ± 403,000

Official Languages: Maltese, English (Most locals speak both fluently)

Other Languages Spoken: Italian, French

Climate: Mediterranean temperate; mild, rainy winters; hot, dry summers

Currency: Euro (€)

Time Zone: CET (GMT +1)

Water: Tap water is perfectly safe for drinking.

Medical Care: Malta enjoys a high standard of medical care. The general hospital, Mater Dei, is in Tal-Qroqq, Msida, and you can also find a high number of government health clinics in various towns.

Shopping: Shops are usually open between the hours of 9am and 7pm with a three hour lunch break in between. (This may vary in some commercial areas where many shops remain open throughout the day until approximately 10.00pm).

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