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Gozo 360. Citadel Theatre, Castle Hill, Victoria, Gozo

Gozo 360 brings centuries of Gozitan history to life revealing the unmatched beauty of the island`s countryside, coast, sights and sounds as well as introducing you to the Islanders themselves. The photography is exceptional and the whole programme is seamlessly woven together into an experience which will assuage your feelings for this special and unique island.

Mdina Dungeons, Mdina

These underground dungeons at Mdina recreate the darker aspects of Malta`s history. They are located beneath Vilhena Palace just inside the main entrance to Mdina. The figures in the dungeons portray the ingenuous cruelty of humankind expressed in torture – the dramatic scenes from the ancient past and the characters who were either the victims or the executioners. Here in these series of secret underground passageways, chambers and cells are recorded various events, and the often mysterious circumstances surrounding them. Enter at your own risk!

Mdina Experience, Mesquita Square, Mdina

The Mdina Experience, an audio-visual spectacular of 3000 years of Malta`s history compressed into an approximately 30-minute enthralling show, is housed in an extremely well converted old building incorporating a ground-floor café and souvenir shop.

The Knights Hospitallers, Medierranean Conference Centre, Valletta

A unique walk-through attraction detailing the history and the work of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem in Malta, most notably their role as a Hospitaller Order of Chivalry in the medieval period on the island of Malta. Beneath the `Sacra Infermeria` (as the Holy Infirmary was then known) and on the actual site of the historic hospital you will discover the chivalrous world of the renowned Hospitaller Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta.

The Great Siege of Malta and The Knights of St. John

The most technologically advanced sound system guides you through this interactive experience available in 14 languages. This multi-lingual and audio-visual tour will take 45-action-packed minutes to walk through. All is synchronized to video, lighting and special effects, including the bringing to life the ghost of La Valette - the Grand Master at the time of the Great Siege in 1565.

The Malta Experience Valletta

The Malta Experience has delighted over four million visitors since it opened in the 1980s. The Malta Experience attraction is situated in Malta`s Capital Valletta could be listened to in 15 different languages. The Show is continuously updated using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the production stays up to the minute.

Sacred Island, Dar l-Emigrant, Castille Square, Valletta

Sacred Island is a 40-minute multimedia show that charts the history of religion in Malta. The show is narrated in Maltese, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

St James Cavalier (Centre for Creativity), Castille Place, Valletta

St James Cavalier is one of the finest and most versatile venues in Malta. The thick sandstone walls of this old fort built by the Knights of St. John have been beautifully restored, and the vaulted galleries contain some of the finest examples of contemporary art and photography. It is an ideal place to visit during the day with the family to view some of the permanent displays or enjoy a meal. It is also an exciting night destination to watch films and plays as well as to enjoy concerts of all types of contemporary and classical music.

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